Jamie Mykaela: DADDY
Jamie Mykaela doesn’t want you to be her Daddy.
Sorry. She’s not your groupie, baby girl, or sweet 16.

This is a show about how your Dad’s record collection sees women. From The Rolling Stones through The Beatles to old favorites from Top of the Pops, Australia’s premier, cult-favourite comedy-cabaret queen has taken all their pervy, trash-talking, jail-baiting lyrics very personally.

So, she’s gonna sing about it, canceling them all live on stage.

Previous seasons: Fringe World (AUS) 2020 (SOLD OUT), Fringe World (AUS) 2021 (SOLD OUT), Melbourne Fringe (AUS) 2021, Dundee Fringe (UK) 2022, Oxford Comedy Festival (UK) 2022 (SOLD OUT), Camden Fringe 2022, Dead Leg Comedy 2023 (SOLD OUT)

Award nominations: Best Comedy, Best Cabaret - Fringe World 2018
Event Details
Genre: Comedy
Duration: 60 mins
Price: 2000 ISK

June 19, 2024



Full: 2000 ISK

June 20, 2024



Full: 2000 ISK


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