StripLab – Red Light Special
Strip Lab is a group of experienced multi-national and local performers united to celebrate Stripclub style dance while supporting SWers in Iceland through collaboration with Rauða Regnhlífin. Highlighting the art form pioneered by sex workers, a historically and currently marginalized community, StripLab provides a safe space of visibility for SWers through live shows of fearless and skillful filthy pole, aerial, and dance.

The finest, divinest and most seductive performers, curated to perfection, will present Icelands only immersive Strip Club experience. On stage for your enjoyment, we dance to live our full stripper fantasy dream supreme, and yours too, in this one hour xxxperience of art filled with emotionally and physically intimate acts offering filth, seduction, and raw human expression- performed for your pleasure. The music doesn’t stop, and neither do Iceland’s best stripper style pole dancers, so don’t forget to buy StripDollars and MAKE IT RAIN!

Raunchy. Raucous. Raw. Come xxxperience our Red Light Special.
Event Details
Genre: Dance
Duration: 90 mins
Price: 4500 ISK

Full: 4500 ISK


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