Schedule is up! Posters are up! Stickers are ready!


We now have our schedule in a whole bunch of places! The most thorough one where you can search by venue, date or genre can be found here.

You can also download our festival app, both available for iOS and Android. On the app you can put a ‘like’ on your favourite shows and help one show to win the Audience Choice Award! There will be an award ceremony on the last night, taking place at Bíó Paradís.

And if you head to the webpages of our venues, then most of them will have the schedule up for what’s taking place within their venues, or they will do after the weekend.

If you head downtown in Reykjavík you may have noticed a few RVK Fringe posters and artist posters starting to pop up, and we just picked up some great RVK Fringe stickers that will be making appearances here and there. And if you pick up a Grapevine newspaper you might see the friendly faces of Jess and Nanna, festival producers.

The madness is about to take place - only 8 days to go until the Opening Party, and we can’t wait! Time to plan what to see and book those tickets!

#GetYourFringeOn #RVKfringe