Reykjavík Fringe uses venues all over the city, of all shapes and sizes and you can even bring your own! The venues vary from year to year, but here you can read about the ones we’ve used in the past and will use again. More venues to be confirmed for 2020!

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Bring Your own venue

If you bring your own venue to the Reykjavík Fringe, then we can guarantee you a place in the program!

But what does it mean? Well, perhaps your performance can happen in your living room, a bus shelter, inside a vehicle, a gallery, a café, a garden shed, a library, a swimming pool or a theatre. Or perhaps you just want to perform outdoors. Maybe your friend or relative owns or runs a really cool venue that you can have access to. Anything is possible and there are no limits.

Note that if you bring your own venue, you will need to get a permit yourself from the venue owner, and sort out your own technical needs for the show. Reykjavík Fringe may be able to sort out a volunteer if needed for ticket sales or any other simple needs, depending on logistics.


Tjarnarbíó theatre is the centre for the independent theatre scene in Reykjavík, and the main base for the RVK Fringe.

Here artists come to hang out in between shows, and enjoy lovely soups, sandwiches and drinks from Tjarnarbarinn bar, that can also be used as a venue. There are also rehearsal rooms available for workshops and other smaller-scale performances.

This is our main theatre venue.

Space: Up to 208 sitting audience members in the main hall. 60-80 audience members in the lobby bar. Fully equipped with lights, projectors, sound system etc. Any show performing at Tjarnarbíó will need to pay additional 10,000 ISK as a technician fee.

Address: Tjarnargata 12, 101 Reykjavík.


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hlemmur square

Hlemmur Square is a hostel, hotel and bar and one of RVK Fringe main sponsors. The opening party for the festival is held in this centrally located venue, that’s right next to Hlemmur bus terminal and food hall.

This is a versatile venue used for stand-up comedy, live music, gallery exhibitions, magic shows and even some drag or cabaret.

Space: Versatile, open, bright space. Large windows and a bar on site. Sound system and projector on site. Audience capacity depends on how the space is used, from 30-200.

Address: Laugavegur 105, 105 Reykjavík.



Gaukurinn is the unofficial home to the drag and cabaret scene in Reykjavík, and also hosts regular stand-up comedy nights and concerts. They also host the best vegan grub diner in town, Veganæs.

This venue is mainly for cabaret & variety, as well as stand-up and musical acts.

Space: Stage on 2nd floor with audience capacity of 80-120.

Address: Tryggvagata 22, 101 Reykjavík.


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Gallerí fold

An arts gallery situated a stone’s throw from Hlemmur Square, and a local gem. Gallerí Fold is ideal for art exhibitions, but they also have a stage that’s suited for live music or stand-up comedy.

In 2018 it was used as a film screening venue for RVK Fringe.

Space: White walls, 2-3 available rooms in different sizes, small stage. Audience capacity approx. 60-100.

Address: Rauðarárstígur 14, 105 Reykjavík.


the secret cellar

The Secret Cellar has quickly made a name for itself as the best (and only) strictly stand-up comedy venue in town.

Space: Cellar space with an intimate stage. Audience capacity 50-80.

Address: Lækjargata 6a, 101 Reykjavík.


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