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By Youth, For everyone!

2019 will be the premiere of the first annual Youth Fringe as part of the Reykjavík Fringe Festival. This portion of the Fringe Festival highlights and uplifts teenagers. This unique program will feature shows performed entirely by teens, showcasing their talents and passions, as well as creative workshops with Fringe artists for teenagers with an interest in the arts.

During the Fringe Festival, 29. June - 6. July, Youth Fringe will have 2-3 performance evenings that are made up entirely of youth art. During the day, a number of workshops will be held by Fringe artists for local youth. Youth Fringe is for teenagers from 13-18 years old, but we encourage audience members of all ages to attend the shows they put up!

Youth Fringe will create a stage for young people to explore the arts via performance opportunities and workshops, crafted to encourage them to make and embrace varied art forms as a way of expression and to help them in the journey to create art. It will be a chance to share art that is unique to the young and unique to their cultural surroundings. Our vision is to nurture the work of young artists, give them a stage to showcase their passions and encourage the arts communities and audiences to expand their horizons on art and ownership of creativity.

Applications for Youth Fringe are now open! Youth Fringe is for anyone aged 13-18 who has art that they want to share with audiences. Please contact if you need help with the application or have any questions.

Apply here!